1. dale64's Avatar
    I just received a replace ment Bold, I am having trouble setting up email. I DO NOT see any of my email account on my screen. What am I doing wrong???
    07-02-09 10:33 PM
  2. bt224's Avatar
    Go here, login and resend service books.

    07-02-09 10:48 PM
  3. savioAMG's Avatar
    Did you login to AT&T's BIS site and do the device switch?
    07-02-09 10:48 PM
  4. pltaylor's Avatar
    If you have and it works, use the switch device feature in Desktop manger. Other wise you need to send your email service books to the phone.


    07-02-09 10:50 PM
  5. pltaylor's Avatar
    I'm getting slow. Haven't been posting in a while, out of shape.
    07-02-09 10:51 PM
  6. dale64's Avatar
    I can go to Setup, then Email setup and then create or add email accountit carries me to Email setup which I logg in as an excisting user and there are all three of my accounts but they do not show up on my screen
    07-02-09 10:52 PM
  7. pltaylor's Avatar
    Select service books, then send service books. You will get a conformation message for each email account.
    07-02-09 10:54 PM
  8. dale64's Avatar
    so your saying hook phone up to desktop manager and do what your tlaking about?
    07-02-09 10:56 PM
  9. dale64's Avatar
    It gives two options - Switch Blackberry devices or Switch from another device to a Blackberry Device ????
    07-02-09 10:57 PM
  10. dale64's Avatar
    well, I guess everyone went to bed
    07-02-09 11:11 PM
  11. amahlu's Avatar
    network etp1103.etp.na.blackberry.net <network@etp1103.etp.na.blackberry.net>

    does anyone know what this is and how to get rid of it?
    07-02-09 11:12 PM
  12. pltaylor's Avatar
    You can only do that (with desktop manger) if you have both phones. Switch devices is what you would use. It's easier if you just resend the service books as mentioned above and swich devices from there.
    07-02-09 11:12 PM