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    Could someone please explain to me what a Service Book is and does, and who actually supplies it in the first place?

    To hopefully keep any replies as short as possible though, I will first explain my own (limited) understanding of them.

    OK, now let's say I purchase an unlocked Bold in the UK to use on O2, and I insert my O2 3G SIM card.

    I then have to pass the details of my phone to RIM, via O2's website I believe, to register it on their BIS server.

    Let's assume also that I have already added any necessary BlackBerry 'Bolt Ons' to my O2 tariff.

    O2 will then send certain information directly to my new Bold, including (I believe) any necessary Service Books.


    1) Are the Service Books, both Operator (O2, Orange etc.) and Model (i.e. Bold) specific?

    2) Have they actually come from O2 or from RIM?

    3) Will the phone work without them?

    3) Are they the same thing as a SIM update?

    I will leave it at that for now, and see what happens!

    09-02-08 11:35 AM
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    What is a service book

    here ya go
    09-02-08 11:48 AM
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    Dang it, I was going to say that. I guess I am no Jedi yet!
    09-02-08 11:53 AM
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    lol you will be someday
    09-02-08 11:56 AM
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    Thhanks 'blueberry'... that's a good start. I hadn't realised there were so many of them!

    Presumably a BlackBerry (Bold) user can see which of the Service Books he has installed on his particular phone... or can he? (or she!)

    Some operators would also appear to restrict certain ones, such as Yahoo Messenger, for example.
    09-02-08 12:04 PM
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    Yes, you can go to options > advanced options > service books and see which you have on the device.

    The carriers/networks can control which ones you get ( or perhaps which ones are enabled)
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    09-02-08 12:49 PM
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    Thanks Hazy... just trying to get all the advance information I can, so that I will hopefully have some idea just what is going on when the time comes!

    I am keeping a list of useful points and other info (quite a bit from you!) which I update regularly.
    09-02-08 12:57 PM
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    Shall we have a race?? lol

    Here in NI there is not always such a thing as 'next day' delivery from the mainland so you may have a little bit of a head start
    09-02-08 01:10 PM