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    I had recently installed a zagg invisible shield on my Bold which was a pain in the *** I thought it would be easy but it was extremely tough. While I was doing the screen part, I even liberally used the solution I still ended up with bubbles that were a pain to get out. I used some pressure because you need to in order to get them out.

    And I have noticed that my screen started to produce this click as if it was moving from the housing in the top left only. My right side is fine but it "clicks" in the top left.

    Did I damage the screen? Or possibly shift it while I was trying to squeegee out the bubbles? The right side had no problems. I thought it may have been bezel so I tightened all the exposed screws with a t5 screwdriver but the sound still remains.

    I also bought a leather pocket and so I can hear the click everytime I lightly grab the phone out... I'm not damaging the screen because it doesn't really ripple at all.

    Anyone have any solutions to this? I never touched the screen before applying the shield so I cannot remember if this "click" was always there and so I have a feeling I may have pressed too hard and moved it.

    I'm still within a month of getting the phone so I could get it checked out at Rogers, but its been great so far. I don't feel like completely opening it up because I dont want to void RIM's 1 year warranty.

    Any help/comments/or insults would be accepted...
    07-04-09 06:10 AM
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    i would have it checked out if it was mine
    07-04-09 06:35 AM
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    my screen clicks like that on the bottom right. I started noticing it about 3 months ago. I worried about it for a while but I got over it. No dust or anything has developed in the screen at all. I have never used a case or anything and just throw it in my pocket every day.
    07-04-09 08:12 AM
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    Exactly Same thing happen to my bold! I'm pretty sure it bcoz I use holster. The top part is the only part to pull whenever I want to take my bold out out from holster. Now it starts clicking.. Really make me worry..

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    07-04-09 12:07 PM
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    The top right on my Bold was clicking and thought nothing of it, but 9 months later (could be a huge coincidence) my screen started to break up sometimes when I unlocked it. Ended up getting it replaced on insurance but like I say, the two could be entirely separate things.
    07-04-09 01:17 PM
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    Any help/comments/or insults would be accepted...
    The instructions with my Zagg specifically indicated no hard pressure required on screen to remove bubbles and to let unit sit off for 24 hours as bubbles would remove themselves. These are the same instructions they give to users who apply the Zagg material on helicopter and airplane parts.
    With that said...definitely take your phone in and have it looked at before your 30 days is up.
    Hope this wasn't too insulting; I've been known to offend posters with sensitive egos and paper thin skin.
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    07-04-09 01:31 PM
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    Really? I looked at videos for the Zagg and my instructions said to squeegee out the bubbles. And to liberally use the spray not only on the adhesive side but also "wet" the outside so the squeegee could glide.

    If I do decide to get it checked out, won't the guy see the shield and say it was my fault? I just don't remember if it clicked before I put the protector on and so it could've been me or it could've always been like that and because I never applied any "pressure" to the screen I didn't notice.
    07-05-09 04:25 AM
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    You know for such an expensive phone it's really cheaply put together. I mean if I hold it up to the light I can see right through it through some holes etc... The bezel scratches so easily which if why I got the zagg.

    I've been checking up on the forums and so many people have had problems with the build quality from loose battery covers, to creaks and squeaks from holding the bezels, to the screen rippling from just holding it etc...

    I wish the build quality was a bit better... But the great thing is, I've seen a ton of sites that have so many of the parts available so that if anything were to go wrong I could order a cheap replacement and get it fixed.
    07-05-09 04:33 AM
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    I wish the build quality was a bit better... .
    "my Zagg specifically indicated no hard pressure required on screen to remove bubbles" is what I said...it comes down to what your definition of 'hard pressure' is.
    I think that most people would be more likely to chime in with a negative comment about their device; not too many people will take the time to send in posts when everything is peachy...like...there are millions and millions of people who's bill arrives from ATT with the amounts properly tabulated but no one is going to post "My bill from ATT was spot on this month!". However, let ATT have a glitch where some math goes haywire and one hundred people have the decimal in the wrong place and a majority of these people will post "ATT sucks!".
    If the Bold were a cheap piece of doo-doo RIM wouldn't have the incredible profit numbers it does...the sales would still be there, but the profits would be eaten up by returns, repairs and warranty replacements.
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    07-05-09 04:55 AM
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    True... but when a lot of the complaints are about specific things you know there's a problem. I mean there are like hundreds of posts not only on this forum but other BB sites as well regarding loose battery covers, etc...

    I have pinpointed it down to the Bezel of the device. So many were about how it scratched to easily. How the battery release thing broke up, how it squeaks/creaks if you hold it etc...

    All this click has ended up doing for me is made me conscious everytime I grab the phone now. I doubt anyone would know but I saw some sites that sell a new Bold LCD from anywhere between $80-130.

    Are these legit OEM or no?
    07-05-09 06:39 PM
  11. Madness87's Avatar
    If I squeeze the bezel a little tighter on the side of the lcd it doesn't click. Does that mean the bezel may have become loose instead of the screen?
    07-08-09 07:00 PM
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    The build quality is getting worse for ALL phones not just BB's and we as the consumer just have to suck it up. I used to think iPhone's (3G) had horrible build quality and now it's one of the best - go figure. My 8800 is 10 times more solid than my Bold... heck the thing went down 2 flights of stairs and still works fine. Imagine dropping your Bold?! Wouldn't be too pretty. But yeah, we have to live with it, whether it be insurance or just being overly careful with it. To be completely honest, I'd rather take my creaky Bold with the loose battery door compared to ANY HTC.
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    07-08-09 07:43 PM
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    True... but I wouldn't mind the creak so much if I knew why it happened. Like did my LCD become dislodged? Is the bezel loose?

    I just think it's sad. The most expensive and powerful blackberry available and it's built like a $10 toy.
    07-09-09 05:34 AM
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    Leap of faith right here, but is anyone BOLD enough to help me with something? Can you check to see if your screen clicks anywhere? I'm not asking you to do it if you don't want to, or I dont want you to ruin your screen. What I mean is, next time you clean your screen or something can you see if your screen clicks anywhere? Don't press too hard, just lightly. Like imagine if your ear was pressing into the phone screen.
    07-14-09 06:00 AM
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    ^^^My screen doesnt click whether i put light or hard pressure on it.
    07-14-09 08:24 AM
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    Thanks... yeah that's what I was thinking. I don't remember if my screen clicked till before I put the protector on. And it's right near where I was squeegeeing out some bubbles.

    I hope I didn't damage the screen. I'm afraid to open and check just because their is some white sticker on the screws and I think its to check whether or not someone opened it and voids their warranty.

    It feels as if it's loosened against the bezel etc... Like if I hold it a little tight from the headphone jack area and then it doesn't click.

    So i'm guessing that I either pressed to hard and sort of created a little gap between the top lens and lcd (though the screen looks the same), or it's moved slightly or loosened against the housing.

    I'm still within the first month but over 30 minutes of talktime and so I dont know whether to call Rogers or RIM and ask about this.

    Thanks for the help.

    P.S. anyone know where you can get these tiny t5 screwdrivers from? I only have t10 and up. And they weren't at my local canadian tire.
    07-14-09 08:38 AM
  17. jubu's Avatar
    My first Bold had a blown speaker and also this issue -- ever since I got my replacement, I haven't had this problem. Could be a bad batch?

    I'd have it replaced under warranty if possible.
    07-14-09 09:11 AM
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    My screen "clicks" on the top left corner and on the bottom, been doing it for month now. I was worried at first but I just ignore it now. I think it is really sad how cheap this phone is build for what we pay for it!!
    07-14-09 09:28 AM