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    Morning All

    I posted about this back in February 2011. I bought my original Blackberry 9780 back in November 2010 and everything was going fine then in Feb, I had this problem where the screen was going fuzzy and blurry and the screen was almost creating another screen. Like a screen inside a screen?

    I took it back to the carphone warehouse and they did the usual sent it away and sent me back another reconditioned phone... 5 months down the line exactly the same thing has happend! To be honest i'm fuming, I spent 400 on this phone and don't expect this to be happening..

    I'm taking it back to Carephone Warehouse at lunch time, where do i stand? Can I ask for a brand new phone from the Carphone Warehouse etc?

    Really not happy and any help would be much appreciated.

    07-26-11 03:47 AM
  2. mobibiz's Avatar
    It appears to be an issue with either moisture entering the device or due to a faulty connector at the back of the phone. I would not advise you to open up the device since it's under warranty. I'd say open up all the panels and take out the battery and put the device in a can of uncooked rice overnight. See if that helps. If even that fails to resolve the issue, then you need to check with CarPhone Warehouse.
    07-26-11 03:55 AM
  3. sharrock10's Avatar
    Thanks for the information provided, it definately isn't anything to do with moisture, because it's never been near any sort of moisture, I haven't even dropped the phone... only thing it can be is a manufacturer fault. I'm going to the carphone warehouse at lunch time and I don't intend leaving without a new phone.
    07-26-11 04:30 AM