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    My current state of distress as illustrated below:

    I have a bold 9780 that used to be my husband's. He drops it, the screen goes wonky (half white half waves of color) instead of getting it fixed he buys another phone; the end of his delima.

    Fast forward a year, I'm looking to get a new-to-me phone. I remember we have the bold 9780; LIGHT-BULB. Thinking of little more than that sweet new-to-me phone I'll soon be sporting after a quick presto-change-o with the display, I devise a plan to replace the screen and call it my very own.

    I check and make sure that the busted screen is the only misfortune this little piece of blackberry joy has endured. So I charged it up for a full 24 hours, powered it on and it loads perfectly; well almost perfect if only the LCD wasn't wacked.

    After confirming it can boot up, I eagerly enroll in my favorite online learning institution; youtube- SERIOUSLY you can learn ANYTHING from watching YouTube University. At YTU I learned how to determine the correct replacement LCD as well as how to replace it. A quick stop off at Amazon for the replacement kit and a new trackpad just for kicks and before I know it I'm sitting at my desk, tools in hand performing the most delicate of procedures. A lift here, unscrew there, and 15 minutes later; I'm done! "Time to count instruments, Nurse."

    That Bold beauty, lying on my deck, taunting me, begging for the opportunity to reveal the new window to her blackberry soul; with excited anticipation and a smile I could no longer hide, I return the battery to its rightful place, turning her about face to behold the fiery red light illuminating from her... WAIT! Where's the light?!? There's supposed to be a light. A RED light!!!

    There was nothing - no light, no power, no sign of life; flat line. No! This isn't happening. It can't do this to me. It HAS to work. An idea races to consciousness as I'm chanting, "please, please, please”. I plug it into the wall charger. A few seconds pass that seem like an eternity; then suddenly, the red light comes on followed by a black screen with the outline of a battery and a single red X on top.

    Desperate to know what that meant I spent the better part of a day trying every suggestion I came across (wedging a piece of folded paper between the battery and case side, attempting to re-install/update the firmware, spinning around three times while scratching the chin of a hairy toad – OK that last bit was a stretch the toad wasn’t hairy) the blasted, red X-ed battery continued to mock me.

    Oh, and my attempt to update the firmware was an epic fail; after 5attempts resulting in the same little annoying message: "Application loader was unable to connect to your devise, blah, blah, blah..."

    Which brings me here, throwing myself before the mercy of this forum, BEGGING for an encouraging word, "It'll be alright”; a glimmer of hope, “you can fix this, easy” and some gentle wisdom,” Here's how you do it. First you need to...."
    07-31-13 12:33 AM
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    The answer might be obvious, but did you leave it plugged for a good amount of time, like 3-4 hours? This battery icon usually means a power problem, and normally happens when you got either a discharged battery, or a bad one.

    If it isn't working, be sure you tried this way of reloading your OS. It worked for my Storm when I screwed up an update wouldn't boot at all.


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    07-31-13 12:42 AM

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