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    I figured I would post this up for people who might have been thinking about going this route. I know I scoured these pages looking at what others had done to get ideas, so I thought it only right to return the favor.

    First, I went from the OEM look to the all white look after I saw some people doing it. It was ok, but working on a race team, it wasn't the most intelligent move if I still wanted to use my phone throughout the day. So I had to compromise, and went back to the drawing board. After a few days of looking around online, I decided to go along the lines of what most people do when they black them out, but I went with a satin (flat) black face, no carrier logo, black side buttons, red highlighted keyboard and a carbon fiber looking back. Honestly, I am pretty sure it's regular cotton or similar thread that makes up the carbon back and it's laid over what I'm guessing is a stock back. But it looks the part, and the texture is very nice. It also isn't shiny, which adds to the look of the phone. I had a black trackball in it as well, but I like the regular one better. At least I can go back and forth as my feelings on that change.

    Anyway, here's the pics from my wifes Curve 8320 (also changed her's to pink case today) so they aren't all that hot.

    08-18-09 09:34 PM
  2. blackmannx's Avatar
    Nice, looks like a good device..
    08-18-09 09:36 PM