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    Ive been a BB user forever, my last upgrade was a couple days after the torch came out. My wife and i both got the torch. Although ive always been a BB guy i was a little curious to try out Android. I decided to return the Torch and get the captivate. Well after a few days on Android , i hated the damn thing. The OS was slow and unstable for such a powerful processor. I went to my local AT@T and demanded my Torch back. Well....dosnt work like that. you can only trade once. Then i happen to meet another associate at the store and he started telling me about xda-developers and custom roms. Long story short , after the whole rooted custom rom thing i LOVED MY CAPTIVATE. I was hooked on the flashing and trying different roms...well untill yesterday when i got to brave and started playing with the recovery menu. I was trying to flash a new rom using a different method and Bricked the damn thing.. My buddy is an android flashing genious, he said he could fix it easily. So i have no Android untill he gets back in town. And everyone knows what a PITA it is with out your favorite toy.
    I had no choice, so i pulled out my Bold 9000 which i havent seen it a while. had ATT switch from Android back to BB . After playing with my Bold for a few i relized how much i really love BB. Its kinda funny..my wife still has a Torch, i was using my captivate and we would recieve an email on our joint account, i would hear her BB email notification go off and anywhere from a few seconds to an hour later my Android would finally get it. So its so nice being back on BB for communication and battery life and the option to close an app without using a task manager, i could go on and on. Android is great but i will never ever use an Android device without running rooted with custom rom. The only thing Android has that i like is the browser and the ability to customize the **** out of it. Its a fun toy, but if u wanna get business done BB is KING.
    QUESTION is on my 9000 now. Should i try the hybrid OS? or the latest official OS? It says no updates available but i think im using an OS from a different carrier. SORRY FOR SUCH A LONG POST, IM JUST EXCITED TO BE BACK. IM IN NO HURRY TO GET MY CAPTIVATE FIXED. THANKS SO MUCH.
    07-31-11 02:06 PM
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    Yeah u should go for the hybrid os, u won't regret it...like how u don't use an android without a custom rom... I don't use a bb without a hybrid os

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    08-01-11 07:03 AM
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    Yep, I was looking at xda-developers every day for new roms. Its good to be back with crackberry. Can u install hybrid OTA or through PC

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    08-01-11 10:56 AM
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    It has to be installed from a pc
    08-01-11 12:41 PM
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    I loved my captivate. Quick question tho..is it bricked? Can you get into recovery or download mode? If you see any sort of boot screen it is not bricked, and download mode is great for fixing it. Capitvates are pretty hard to brick. Do you remember what you did exactly? Wahat rom/recovery?

    All this was posted from a bold 9000 but I still love the Captivate.

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    08-01-11 08:29 PM
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    Just went to at@t and got new sim card for my bold. When I switched devices I was downloading an app on my BB and it installed but I saw something flash up on the screen that said "corrupted sim " or something. I guess b/c the old sim card was in my captivate and all the flashing of roms, kernels, lag fixes. I got a little to brave and started screwing with the recovery menu overclocking and tweeking everything. Yep... Theirs lots of options on a good rooted android device, but u better know what your doing. Lol. App world has really grown. Is their any free OTA music download apps? What are some must have apps? Thanks for the replies guys.

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    08-01-11 08:44 PM