1. Cyberjedi's Avatar
    Anyone else having service problems with their Bold? I am getting msg clumping. Unable to receive calls unless I am already on a call. I have people at Rogers and RIM both checking on it, but I want to know how many more people are having these issues? There is 6 ppl at my work with this problem.
    09-01-08 02:25 PM
  2. Xorphan's Avatar
    nope, I never had anything remotely close to this issue.
    09-01-08 02:32 PM
  3. avmsam's Avatar
    have heard anything like that either
    09-01-08 02:34 PM
  4. wv1973's Avatar
    No problems here
    09-01-08 03:40 PM
  5. Cyberjedi's Avatar
    Quick secondary question, are you guys still using the same SIM card as your previous model BB, or have you transferred your account to the new SIM that came with the Bold?
    09-01-08 10:49 PM
  6. avmsam's Avatar
    i've been using the same sim card, but mine is one of the new ones anyways.
    09-01-08 10:56 PM
  7. sito's Avatar
    nope. I don't have problem with voice on my bold.
    09-02-08 04:00 AM
  8. GlenB's Avatar
    If you are using the SIM card from an older blackberry it is likely to be a 2G SIM. 3G SIMs support additional feature sets.

    Given that one of the selling points of the Bold is 3G support - I would recommend registering the SIM that came with the device.
    09-02-08 04:43 AM
  9. eldonjr's Avatar

    It crashed once about 5 minutes out of the box but that was it haha.
    09-02-08 07:17 AM
  10. Xorphan's Avatar
    I'm using the previous sim card, from my 8800,

    I have no issues with 3G or voice.

    Maybe if there were steps for us to duplicate the issue it may be easier to track down the root cause.

    Running firmware .134

    This firmware version provides far better memory resource management and stability, if you haven't already upgraded, consider doing so.

    But not without realizing that this may void your warranty, and virtually make useless your blackberry bold.
    *Scared now, You Should Be*... lol
    This happens very rarely, but doesn't mean it's not possible.
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    09-02-08 08:24 AM
  11. Xorphan's Avatar
    Double Post.
    09-02-08 08:28 AM
  12. trigg's Avatar
    No problem here with my Bold on Rogers.
    09-02-08 10:03 AM