07-28-09 11:34 PM
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    Anyone figured this out? I was running through the logger and found an interesting line during the start-up sequence:

    Name: net.rim.otaupgrade
    Severity: Always Logged

    "OTAU:capable firmware=true, service=false, disabled=false."

    11-21-08 12:39 AM
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    Funny enough when looking at the help on the Blackberry Bold there is some useful info listed for Prerequisites for updating the Blackberry Device software over the wireless network.

    Your Blackberry device must be connected to the Wireless network. (wonder would this be a wireless network rather than the Phone network?)

    Battery level must be 50% or higher. (Make sense lower could risk the chance of the upgrade failing if the unit when flat during the upgrade process).

    If you have installed the Blackberry Desktop software your device must not be connected to your computer. (Again you can perform upgrades using the USB cable but we are interested in the wireless upgrade in this thread.)

    So perhaps have a bash at connecting the device to a wireless network, switch off the Mobile Network, then make sure you can browse the net, then have a go at the wireless upgrade.
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    I dont believe Rogers offers OTA upgrades. You can probably only do this if you have BES setup to push out upgrades. Heck, Rogers doesn't even update their own website with the downloads, you can only download Rogers official updates from here:

    07-28-09 11:34 PM
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