1. oddboy's Avatar
    first off, let me say, rogers sucks! there, i got it out of my system.

    i have a new bold on rogers in canada. i also use rogers for my home internet service. i got my bold on monday but i couldn't get it to work on my wifi network at home. basically, when on wifi, using the hotspot browser, i couldn't load any pages at all. the browser would time out, hang, and eventually tell me it couldn't connect to the internet and suggested that i call my service provider.

    i spent some time on the phone with rogers tech support and they couldn't help me. they suggested reloading the OS or returning the device.

    after doing some deeper digging, i found that when using wifi, the bold connects to a proxy (rcp.na.blackberry.com:443). whenever my bold tried to reach this proxy, my firewall would send back icmp messages (need to fragment, but DF bit set) which the blackberry ignores. when a network device receives such a message, it *should* lower the MTU size of packets it sends to the size the gateway specifies. the bold doesn't do this.

    So, I started googling a little and found that my rogers cable modem sets the MTU of my firewall to 576 bytes by default. Forcing the MTU on my gateway to 1500 bytes (which has no adverse effect on my internet service) allowed the blackberry to connect to the proxy server and wifi started working.

    just thought i'd recap this problem here in case other people have issues with wifi. if you use rogers internet and a blackberry, make sure your MTU is set to 1500 bytes.
    08-29-08 08:58 AM
  2. SaneinOne's Avatar
    My MTU is set to auto, have had no problems at all connecting by Wi-Fi to my home network using the internet browser. I've never had to use the HotSpot browser.
    08-29-08 09:06 AM
  3. speedmetal69's Avatar
    I'm also on Rogers, Knock on wood that I haven't any issues connecting on Wi-Fi.
    Could be that your router is having some issues.
    08-29-08 10:56 AM
  4. Spazmogen's Avatar
    I'm also on Rogers cable internet.

    With a D-Link DIR-625 Rangebooster N router.

    Set up was a breeze. Setting up the Bold was a breeze.

    Careful after you update the OS on the Berry. You'll have to re-do the WiFi settings again. At least I had to after upgrading this morning to the new Beta release.
    08-29-08 11:30 AM