1. remsteal's Avatar
    I have a blackberry bold 9900. it's running os 7.1 bundle 2807 (v7.1.0.1033, platform

    I just did a clean sweep and updated the software version. now whenever I hit the "applications" menu on BB desktop manager, it says that "blackberry 7.1.0 system software" needs to be updated. when I look for more information, all of the modules are installed except for the file named "rim0x07001204.sfi". i've tried installing it using BDM several times. i've tried doing re-install, then pulling the battery. but everytime after it "installs" the software, that same file never gets transferred over for some reason. It's not a HUGE deal, but because the update is "required", I can't update any applications in BDM without updating this system software. annoying.

    any thoughts?

    on a side note: the same thing happens with blackberry ID. it keeps telling me there's an update. so i install, then there's another update, so i install.....the cycle never ends.

    10-03-13 04:50 PM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    I think that's the radio file, no wonder you are having issues! Maybe try a 3rd party tool to install instead of Desktop Manager? Like BBSAK, or Swap an OS.
    10-04-13 08:16 AM

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