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    Hello CB ,

    Yesterday , BIS and BES service were out in Dubai and United Arab Emirates for about 4 or 5 hours . The broswer would not load , e-mails were not being received and bb messenger was out unless you were using Wi-fi . At the start , I thought that the problem was from my bb so I performed several battery pulls and kept switching between 3G and 2G .However , I wasnt the only one with this issue , it was happening to all my friends in the UAE .

    When i contacted my carrier , they said that RIM servers were down and word has it that it is due to the upgrade of bb messenger .

    The problem hasnt been fixed yet . BIS and BES have been extremely slow today also but better than yesterday .

    Anyone know if RIM servers were really down or was it plain BS from my carrier ?

    Thanks a lot
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    An upgrade of BB messenger would be lovely! I hope that's true.
    But I haven't had any server interuptions at all.

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    06-16-09 09:53 AM