08-09-11 12:57 PM
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  1. Pilot Prop's Avatar
    imo...in store sales reps are like police....necessary at times... but very aggravating for the most part....
    08-09-11 11:03 AM
  2. johnpaul13's Avatar
    Thanks for confirming my post about you people. And to think you guys call AppleFanBoys and Fandroids arrogant...

    1.Yes getting upset about a salesperson giving false information that defames RIM is Nazi-Defensive when you guys freaked out like you did on the first page.

    2. Does the salesperson hurt the OP in anyway by telling him this BS? Nope. So what if he misinforms the other customers. It is their job to do their research if they want the latest and best product. A salesperson will always want the sale.

    Saying its Nazi-defensive is a little harsh. Every platform has their fanboys, but idk, I think referring to anything as a Nazi is too harsh. But that's just me lol. If someone were to tell me "oh I want a phone that has a large amount of apps with fast we browsing" ..no way in **** would I reccomend a BB to the, I would show him a Windows Phone before showing him a Blackberry. And some people just *believe* that the salesperson knows everything.

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    08-09-11 12:37 PM
  3. dcgore's Avatar
    I have two lines (my parents) with VZ and i feel most reps don't know much or jack. I have always wondered if they get paid more if they sell a particular product. I've gone to the store and have always felt like the reps want me to buy a phone and one kind of a phone only...

    Same thing happends at GNC..hmmmm.
    08-09-11 12:57 PM
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