1. JR_Ewing's Avatar
    I've been searching the internet but I just can't find this for the 9790 (unless other models share the same part?)
    I was walking along, listening to music, I bent over and it seems to have broken when I did that. now headphones don't 'click' in and play only intermittently.

    I thought that I might as well do it myself since I have the parts and it's out of warranty. So where can I get it?

    03-01-13 09:30 AM
  2. grahamf's Avatar
    I think you should research how to actually replace it before trying to find one. Unless you're an expert with a solider gun and know how to disassemble a phone without breaking it, you're just going to make things worse.
    03-03-13 01:12 AM

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