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    I just purchased a used bold 9900 and everything's great with it....except that the rear speaker was damaged when the previous owner tried to pry open the battery cover and ended up puncturing the speaker . the speaker still works but distorts at louder volumes and I would like to replace it.

    can anyone suggest a reputable place to buy the part from (ie. so I get real oem parts and not chinese knockoffs).

    must I buy the entire "middle plate" or can I buy just the rear speaker? (is the speaker even included with that part or is it a seperate purchase altogether??)

    if someone could give me a link to the part from a good source in the usa id be grateful.

    also had trouble finding a good link to this particular speaker repair aside from just a full teardown, so if someone knows of a link to the rear speaker being removed and replaced, id appreciste that too.

    I can live with the crackling speaker, but for a couple of bucks, id rather replace it.

    many thanks.
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    03-18-12 12:52 PM
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    I'm re-visiting this thread from the dead. Can anyone help? I bought a used 9930 off ebay and the external speaker (the one used for speaker phone, playing music, etc) crackles and doesn't sound very good, especially at higher volumes. I will try to take it apart and review, but anyone have thoughts, or comments? Links to where I can buy a part? Anyone had to do this comment on difficulty/time required?
    07-01-13 11:10 PM
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    There are a few videos on how to take apart the 9900/9930 (same phones).
    07-02-13 12:27 AM
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    In case the OP checks in, I bought this replacement loud speaker on ebay. Comes with a tool to help install. Hope this does the trick.

    Blackberry Bold 9900 9930 Genuine Loud Speaker Replacement Parts Canada | eBay
    07-03-13 07:33 AM