1. brown-berry333's Avatar
    I had Blackberry podcasts app preloaded on my 9780. The app doesn't work-it says that the app isn't available on my device or for my carrier.

    However I can't delete the app. I have tried to delete it with desktop software, and also in options menu on the device. It says that the app was deleted but I can still see it in the media folder and I can open it.

    Is there any way I can delete that app??

    thanks in advance.
    07-29-11 03:20 AM
  2. audio_engr's Avatar
    Its part of the OS build.

    Next time you upgrade OS 6, just don't "check it" & it should disappear once for all. And as @sandra says, HIDE the tray icon.
    07-29-11 04:20 AM
  3. brown-berry333's Avatar
    OK. I'll just hide it, then. thanks.
    07-29-11 06:29 AM