1. chaddeus's Avatar
    Just wondering IF RIM would to design a 9900 with reduced memory from 8GB to say 1GB and say drop the price by $50, would you be interested?

    Personally, I would be very interested. I dont use the internal memory much as I keep all my musics and files on my MicroSD card.

    How about you?

    - Charles
    08-21-11 01:00 AM
  2. Deathcommand's Avatar
    I don't think much of the price is in the internal memory.
    It seems mostly to be the manufacturing and materials.
    08-21-11 01:02 AM
  3. twigg's Avatar
    I think that the cost of having to manufacture an additional model would outweigh the lower costs.

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    08-21-11 01:12 AM
  4. experiment 626's Avatar
    No,I'm happy with the 8GB of internal memory at the current $199-$249 price point. I just wish more of the internal memory could be devoted to Apps. A lot of the newer Android devices seem to suffer from the "downsizing" of internal memory since apps can be moved back and forth from the phone to the Micro SD card.
    08-21-11 01:42 AM
  5. rrrebo's Avatar
    8GB costs like $10 retail, maybe $15. Less for wholesale chips. That's not the answer. It's the carriers who set the price, and there is a variance of $100 between high and low price for this device. T-mo is nuts for asking $300 AFTER a $50 MIR. $250 on AT&T, $199 at WalMart, I think.

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    08-21-11 01:57 AM
  6. yauchunh's Avatar
    $149 at bestbuy with rogers i believe.
    08-21-11 04:13 AM