1. ma3loom's Avatar
    So I used to have robolock on my phone as a means to insure if i ever lost my phone I could safely wipe it or, to a hopeful extent, track it down. I realized that once you leave the US, the phones capacity to be tracked or even wiped is marginalized based on the data service in the area. Losing my phone in mexico, I was unable to wipe it, but thankfully I had a sim card password as well as phone lock password.

    So my curiosity is, is it worth investing in a phone wiping software or the security produced by RIMs wiping after too many incorrect entries enough? I know that it can be cracked, but I figured investing in some massive theory of high level crooks is a tad far fetched.

    Any recommendations/thoughts?

    07-06-10 04:05 AM
  2. Pete6's Avatar
    A BlackBerry having its media card encrypted with a password on the SIM card and using the internal BlackBerry (10 tries and it's wiped) security password, is about as good a level of security as you can get.

    It obviously can be cracked but the effort and technology involved is past that of most security services to carry out on a regular basis. For this reason a passworded BlackBerry is the criminal's choice of phone since the feds acnnot easily get intio it.

    You data is safe enough if you do all the above.
    07-06-10 05:29 AM