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    Hi All, my first post

    yesterday i received my 'refurbed' replacement Bold 9700 from 02-uk. i put in my SIM and fired it up but never got the activation server message that you get when first starting a new/wiped blackberry.

    After spending 25 minutes talking to the pointless 1st line of support i was finally transferred to more tech minded data tech team who indeed confirmed with me that because my service indicated 'edge' (in lowercase) it meant i had no data connection and that my blackberry had already been registered to another network.

    after trying the following, that didnt work, but which is explained here in the excellent post

    i was told i have two options;

    1/ send the phone back to 02-uk and wait for another replacement, this would then total near on a month without a smartphone
    2/ was 'UNOFFICIALLY' told by the tech man at 02-uk to install Swiss Army Knife and do a full wipe which would unlock the phone and make it work.

    Now i am not against option 2 but i my mind i cant understanding how simply unlocking the phone will allow it to register with the 02-uk network so that i can start using blackberry data services, im pretty sure that whatever is unique about the registration service IMIE or something will remain the same?

    if someone can correct me and confirm that this isnt the case and that wiping my blackberry will get all my services back up and running then im all for it.

    but if i do use this and it doesnt work ive been told i cant send it back to 02-uk because it invalidates the warranty.

    Thanks all for any help and advice

    07-21-11 02:38 AM
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    Welcome to CB! If your phone is locked to a different network, if you put your new O2 sim it will not recognise the sim. Can you make calls or send texts with ur refurb BB?

    Sometimes it does help reloading the OS.
    07-21-11 04:11 AM
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    Hi Coffee Addict,

    yes i can make and receive calls and use SMS, but cant use BBM, internet (unless on wifi) or setup personal email. Nor can i upgrade the OS using BDM, i get an error telling me this is only allowed for registered handsets.
    I can also use AppWorld with my blackberry id but again only when on Wifi.

    All the branding on my phone is o2-uk both on the software and the painting on the handheld itself, this is what confused me when i was told the handset was registered to a different network. This refurbed 9700 came from the o2 repair center as they couldn't fix my previous one.

    Can i specifically get an 02 OS to reload?

    Thanks for the reply.
    07-21-11 04:17 AM
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    02-uk are going to do a courier door swap as a i was sent a replacement phone that doesnt work, not bad.
    07-21-11 05:44 AM
  5. Rootbrian's Avatar
    This sounds like they haven't released the PIN from the old network you likely switched from. You need to call them and have the original carrier release the PIN in order for your data services (BIS) to work properly once provisioned.

    Wiping your device with BBSAK won't "unlock" it, it will simply remove the OS.

    The tech people got that wrong on the first try. I bid you good luck on getting it resolved.

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    07-21-11 05:59 AM
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    Well, this either could be that the device is still registered with some other carrier, which can be sorted out, a wipe would not necessarily resolve your issues because it won't change the device pin. Contact your carrier and ask them to connect you to someone who knows his job. It's a simple fix from their end, had the device been locked then you would not be able to make out even phone calls from it.
    07-21-11 06:40 AM