1. SpaceGeek's Avatar
    I just went to use my Bold. It was rather warm and there was a red SOS next to the antenna icon. I rebooted the phone and it seems to be working correctly at this point. How bad is this?
    06-08-09 08:37 AM
  2. Hosehead's Avatar
    It just meant you had no signal.
    06-08-09 08:57 AM
  3. BatterdStarfish's Avatar
    It just meant you had no signal.

    Yea just no signal. Dont know why it was hot. Glad it all sorted.l
    06-08-09 09:05 AM
  4. maxiang's Avatar
    I believe the red sos means you have signal but you can only call 911. Same as having no SIM card in the phone. Shouldn't have been warm just sitting there. What were you doing with you Berry before this happened?

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    06-08-09 10:21 AM
  5. hoopd83's Avatar
    i had the same issue on my curve before i upgraded and it was my sim card going bad.
    06-08-09 10:44 AM
  6. xamdam's Avatar
    read this as i posted about it yesterday and today posted.

    06-08-09 10:46 AM