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    I've had a BlackBerry Bold for the past 5 years. Since WhatsApp support for the model was being discontinued I migrated my number to an iPhone 7.

    However, after the migration of the number I am unable to access the Chat History on my old BlackBerry. When I open WhatsApp it asks me to verify my phone number again. If I enter the same phone number as before it says:

    "Can't register with this phone number. You can only register with the phone number that was last used with WhatsApp on this phone."

    Even though I am providing the same number as before. It looks like this is a generic message that people get now that they can't activate *any* (even the one that was used before) phone number on older models.

    I am able to access the messagestore.db files on BlackBerry media, but the chats are encrypted and I'm unable to find the key on the device.

    Any ideas with either of the following approaches?

    1) Locating the encryption key on the BlackBerry Bold device
    2) Activating the old number again on the BlackBerry Bold device

    Contacted WhatsApp support but not surprisingly got a canned response which was of no help.
    06-10-17 01:18 PM
  2. muresan's Avatar
    I have the same issue. Have you found a solution?
    12-24-17 11:56 PM

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