1. Lanza21's Avatar
    So I used a BB Bold since November but have moved on to the iPhone 3GS. As a side note; both are very solid phones, I simply enjoy the toy aspect of the iPhone enough to keep it as my primary phone.

    That aside, I have information on my Bold that I still would like to be able to access. But I plan on giving my Bold to my father.

    Is there any software that can read the backup file and show me what it contains?

    07-06-09 05:13 PM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    ABC Amber BlackBerry Convertor allows you to parse, convert, backup and archive IPD files to CHM, PDF, HTML, Word, Access, Excel, CSV, IPD Extractor. And of course, see what's in them. It has a free trial.
    07-06-09 05:15 PM