1. 1TIME's Avatar
    On the Q10 reader mode takes a web page article and takes out all the advertisements, pictures and aligns the text lines in the center so you can read the inforation quickly and accurately.I was wondering if a "reader mode" app exists for the 9900?
    05-11-13 11:14 PM
  2. 00stryder's Avatar
    It's a feature of the browser on QNX-based OS from BlackBerry (the PlayBook browser has the same capability), but so far I don't think I've seen this feature anywhere else. Of course I don't spend much time on Android so I wouldn't know if there was an app for that platform, but as far as I know there isn't anything like this for legacy devices. I doubt third party devs would spend much time on an app at this point for it either.

    If you have a PlayBook though, or plan to buy one (very cheap and more than worth it at the current price) you can have your 9900 "open on PlayBook" to read web articles with the PB browser and take advantage of this feature.

    Posted via CB10 & loving it!
    05-11-13 11:24 PM
  3. 1TIME's Avatar
    Yea I wish this app existed on the 9900, I tried it out on the Q10 and its very useful.
    05-15-13 01:43 PM

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