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    now for the fix it portion of this post.

    my whole reason for re doing the black bezel on the phone was the first one had the loose door problem and i swapped back to the silver bezel and did some gluing, while doing that i figured out what is causing the doors to get loose.

    there is 2 parts to the problem, both are fixable with a little super glue and time...

    --first are the tabs that hold the latch assembly into the bezel, those that have blacked out their bolds know that this is a pain to get in and out of the bezel without mangling it in the process. put some super glue in the side pieces and on the latch assembly its self and then place back into the phone.

    --the Pen Below shows what area i am referring to.

    this is what the bezel will look like before glue is applied and without the latch in place.

    --next is the outer part of the latch that you actually press on to remove the cover from the phone. there are 2 posts that the latch slide over to attach to it and then the metal is bent over like a barb onto the plastic to keep it from moving....this fails 8 times out of 10, and results in the "squeak" and moving that you get from the door. if you place some super glue on these 2 spots as well it will "weld" the parts together rather than just relying on the barb to hold it together.

    the points to glue are below at the tip of the pen.
    you are going to want to do this step a few times to get a bit of glue built up so that there is more to hold against the pressing of the latch.
    --once the glue is on there use a pen or something to hole the latch outward pushing away from the screen
    --this step will tighten the latch on the battery door and get rid of the squeak--

    side 1

    side 2

    Once you have done this i suggest that you avoid pulling your battery door off at all costs. use the ALT + SHFT+ DEL method if you need to do a battery pull and that should resolve any need to pull it.
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    Lol nice battery door. I don't mind the tape fix tbh though.

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    05-29-09 02:59 AM
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    Nice. God its stunning full black isnt it.

    Good pics.
    05-29-09 03:01 AM
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    Surprised you didn't go for the keypad with the red numbers on it. Looks good though. Love the decal on the batt cover.

    05-29-09 03:07 AM
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    no decal thats coveroo style etching...

    and i have the red number pad as well, but i also colored the LED's on the keypad when it was off, so it glows blue rather than white, having the all white pad allows more to shine through.

    i also removed the Chrome ring around the track ball... it makes the track ball feel like it sits further out of the phone.
    05-29-09 03:17 AM
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    Looks great ... Nice battery door !
    05-29-09 03:39 AM
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    Very Nice work. Will probably go this way once my warranty is expired!
    05-29-09 05:20 AM
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    Great job! I love the all black look and the funky battery cover. I want to get one.
    05-29-09 11:43 AM