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    I finally just upgraded my phone to 6.0 after being on 5.0 for awhile. I like it, but now my phone randomly makes this loud distorted radio noise for less than a second. It has been happening randomly throughout the day and it is happening when I have no applications open.

    I just restarted my phone and it did it again after a fresh restart (no apps open). Anyone else having this problem? It is just a burst of random sound that is pretty loud.

    05-08-12 05:40 PM
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    What 3rd party apps do yu have on the phone? Also, where did you get your upgrade file?
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    05-09-12 05:00 PM
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    What 3rd party apps do yu have on the phone? Also, where did you get your upgrade file?
    I have just the standard apps like facebook and shazam. I pulled the battery out for like 5 minutes and it didn't make the noise for a couple days. But then it did again after I used the facebook app, so I logged out of facebook and it stopped for a day. But then last night when I plugged my phone in to charge, it made the noise right away and kept making the noise every 5 mins or so. I turned my phone on this morning and it made the noise while still plugged in. But since I've unplugged it and used it all day, it has not made the noise. This is all happening when NO apps are running.

    I got the upgrade from the BB desktop software.

    This is weird....
    05-16-12 02:27 PM
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    So I removed all the videos off my phone, and it seems to have fixed the problem (for now).
    06-06-12 06:26 PM
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    I was just wondering if your problem remained fixed? I upgraded my software to the 6.0 3084 and I noticed it started making the same noise as you described, a radion (like walkie talkie transmittion) noise. It does it for a quick second like every 5-7 minutes, loud. I tried down grading my OS and my whole phone crashed on me! I couldnt do anything until I got home and plugged it up to my laptop with a USB cable and downloaded the OS (6.0 again) back from VZ website for the BB. It had to reinstall my OS without backup so needless to say, I lost EVERYTHING!! When it powered on, it was like a brand new phone with the Welcome to BB and tutorial, etc., and problem still persist for me. Again, the phone has been completely wiped out and new OS installed. Noise still happens. Anyone else having the same issue?

    I know your post is old, I'm just hoping you still have the same email address and it will email you regarding my post.
    12-20-13 10:00 PM