1. R.Burns's Avatar
    I have a friend who's blackberry bold 8900. It reboots randomly with no user input. Again this is not my phone. Would the software update that is available for this device fix this? Please advise.
    07-05-09 12:50 AM
  2. Chalupa's Avatar
    I had the same problem when I first bought the phone. When I updated the OS back in May the resets became rare. However, it has been pretty bad recently, even turning off. When it turns off, I have to remove then re-insert the battery to start it up again.

    And, it takes a very, very long time now to reboot. Very frustrating indeed

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    07-05-09 01:01 AM
  3. BrandonB510's Avatar
    An update is all I can suggest like Chalupa said. Also the Bold is 9000 :X 8900 would be Javelin
    07-05-09 01:17 AM