1. supnez's Avatar
    Long story short, I'm on BB10 now but have my cherished 9900 which I wanted to give to my dad.

    The 9900 I bought outright from Carrier 1 (unlocked) and had a BIS plan with Carrier 2. So the phone wasn't locked to the network or anything. Cancelled my plan when I moved to BB10 and went to Carrier 3.

    Wiped the 9900 using the security wipe, plugged it into BB Desktop Software and upgraded to the latest bundle (7.1 Bundle 2364 - v7.1.0.861) - Platform

    Now the radio won't turn on. I go to tick it in Manage Connections... and it thinks for ages, then doesn't enable. Go to make a call or anything - "Turn radio on". Tried a few sims from different carriers - no dice. Doesn't seem to relate. WiFi at home works fine. Just can't turn the mobile network on.

    Ran a diagnostic:

    Radio Data Activation: No
    (everything underneath: Unknown or Abort)
    Service Books are all there.

    Not sure what to do - Googling has limited results on radio not turning on, and the threads are all dead ends where someone had a problem then never replied to it!

    The 9900 is a few years old but still in good nick and I'd like to have it continue to work.

    Hopefully someone can help!

    09-24-13 01:32 AM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    I would try another wipe and reinstall of the OS.
    09-24-13 10:14 AM
  3. c_legaspi's Avatar
    I had this happened to me when I switched Sims on my unlocked bb9900. The check boxes wouldn't work and so I dialed a phone number and then it asked me if I wanted to activate the network. After I clicked ok, it searched, found and activated the new sim network.

    Posted via CB10
    09-24-13 09:22 PM
  4. balenax's Avatar
    I had this problem twice. The first time it was the sim card, it simply refused to work out of the blue. The second time happened after an update and i had to use bbsak to wipe and reinstall the software. You can grab the latest release from the sticky thread in this forum and install it no worries, but try to do a fresh install.
    09-25-13 01:26 AM
  5. supnez's Avatar
    So I've tried:

    - Restoring the OS (7.1, and then downgrading to 7.0) using Desktop Manager
    - Wiping using BBSAK and reloading 7.1 using BBSAK

    Still no dice :-(

    Any other suggestions? Given it's probably way out of warranty now, I don't know what to do short of paying through the nose to get it fixed when ALL THAT I DID was security wipe the phone...
    10-31-13 04:16 AM
  6. zocster's Avatar
    Not a faulty sim card?

    Tapped on my Z10 via Tapatalk
    10-31-13 04:21 AM
  7. supnez's Avatar
    Not a faulty sim card?
    Works in my old Torch - and with or without the sim, the 9900 doesn't like turning the radio on.

    10-31-13 04:30 AM

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