1. Zacomac33's Avatar
    k.. im not new to the blackberry os..

    but ive been out of the game for a while..

    i got a new bold 9000, obviously.,.

    former iphone 3g user..

    and i do not have a date package.. its blocked from my line..

    i have couple apps, such as myspace, gokivo navigator, xenosu youtube player, and pandora.. is it possible to use them over a wifi network.. it says i have to access it over data, and its blocked..

    any bypass to this,

    same goes with the blackberry app world..

    any suggestions?
    06-26-09 01:50 AM
  2. fabuloso's Avatar
    Some applications have the option to choose wifi, as some need BIS to work. You should check out the wifi forums and see what apps work over wifi. Its a long list.
    06-26-09 02:18 AM