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    I've been using a BB 8330 for awhile and will be upgrading to the BB Bold
    9930 within the next week or so (still waiting for the price to drop just a bit).

    I was playing around on the 9930 in the store today and have a few
    questions about navigation with the browser.

    On my 8330, I often use keyboard short cuts to navigate around web pages.
    Examples include using the "T" button (to go the top of the page quickly),
    the "B" button (to jump to the bottom of a page quickly), and I often
    use the space bar to scroll down the page when reading.

    It appears the 9930 does not do this, at least it didn't when I tried it in the
    store today. Is there someway to configure these buttons to do this, or
    is using the keyboard short cuts "old school" and no longer available on newer
    BB's ???

    Also on my 8330, I often use the "column view" when reading web pages.
    This often renders the page better for the actual screen (and keeps text
    from rolling off the screen). When trying out the 9330, I messed around
    with pinch-to-zoom quite a bit, but was wondering if it's possible to set
    webpages to default to something like "column view" on the 9930?

    I didn't see any settings for this in the option settings. I mostly like to read
    BBC, CNN and don't want to have to mess around with zooming in and out
    too much just to read the text.

    Either way, I'm still getting the new 9930 in the next couple of weeks, but
    was just wondering. Don't get me wrong, using either the track pad or the
    touch screen to navigate web pages still works really well, but I'm just used
    to using keyboard short cuts. Thank you.
    08-26-11 05:29 PM
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    1. Yes, it's simply checking a box to enable shortcuts in the browser options. I can't live without them.

    2. No more column view since OS 6. Most sites will give you a little magnifying glass so you can zoom in and have the text wrapped. It's not as good as column view but it does the job just fine. No idea why RIM got rid of this setting in the first place.

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    08-26-11 05:46 PM