1. The ROC's Avatar
    So I'm almost ready to buy the BB Bold off Craig's List or Kijiji so I can continue my current Rogers contract. But what I notice is that ALOT of the BBB's that are being sold at these site state that although they are locked to Rogers and new that the Bold either has NO accessories or box or both ranging from $500 - $650. What's your thoughts on this? Sounds fishy that no box or accessories for a "claimed" brand new Bold. Could these Bold be stolen stuff?

    Thanks all for your advice and input.
    08-29-08 11:40 AM
  2. BMUR's Avatar
    Could be sketchy,if your with rogers just got buy a bold from them that way u know what u r getting

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    08-29-08 12:30 PM
  3. Montala's Avatar
    Not stolen perhaps, but possibly pre-release or test models, which might actually be blocked by RIM.

    My advice also would be to get one from an 'official' source at this stage... at least you then have a waranty and somewhere to fall back on in the event of any unforseen problems.

    Welcome to CB by the way!
    08-29-08 12:37 PM
  4. SLVR6's Avatar
    besides you can get one with no contact extension from Rogers for $650...
    08-29-08 12:48 PM
  5. Montala's Avatar
    Way to go, I reckon!
    08-29-08 12:57 PM