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    hey guys, ive searched all over and cant find a solution for this, my push email used to work fine, until i let my friend borrow my fone for a few short minutes, he popped his sim in, sent a text, and took it out, and i put mine back in. he also has bb data, but didnt use it. after i put my sim in, my fone registered with the network, and i just had to re-enter my info in blackberry protect. BBM started working fine, blackberry app world, and facebook, all work perfectly fine. My gmail is there, but my hotmail isnt. but i dont receiver any emails on the handset. and when i try to setup up my email. it says the following. "Your Blackberry Internet Service account is suspended or deactivated. Contact Rogers at 1-866-931-DATA (3282)."

    My friend was on rogers and i have an unlocked tmobile phone on mobilicity. When i called mobilicty they said they cudnt do anything to help as it isnt a phone from their carrier.

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    07-16-11 02:34 PM
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    I'd suggest your friend contacts his carrier as it sounds like your phone has registered against his carriers blackberry service
    07-16-11 03:24 PM
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    Try re-registering your device with your sim card.
    07-16-11 06:06 PM