1. TheLibrarian55's Avatar
    Alright so i plan on getting the bold this week. I will be using an early upgrade so are there ant benefits from buying it online? And if i buy it online does it just renew the same plan i have now? Can i still get inusrance and stuff on it?
    06-06-10 11:39 AM
  2. skyboxer's Avatar
    If you mean the early upgrade where you get the discounted price, but have to pay an extra 20, then yeah online you get a credit instead of a rebate card, which saves you $100 today. If you are paying full price, there is no rebate or credit and you may as well find a store with one in stock and get it there. I believe the insurance carries over, but ask VZW to be sure.
    06-06-10 12:29 PM