1. photo99's Avatar
    Totally weird. I logged into Protect and told it to play a sound--so I can find it.

    It keeps telling me it cannot do it because "the daily limit is exceed." This is the first time.

    Anyone have a clue?


    05-18-13 06:00 PM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    Try removing your device and add it again.
    05-29-13 11:08 PM
  3. FF22's Avatar
    I just tried as I had not tested it in ages. It worked from my computer and then decided to add a link to my Playbook and I logged in again from the PB and it worked again.

    I also tested sending a line of text and also the gps location - both of those worked, too.
    05-30-13 12:25 PM

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