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    I recently changed from a Curve to the 9650. I am going crazy trying to learn how to set and personalize the ring tone profiles. That feature on the Curve was one of the main reasons I loved that phone. Can anyone give me very detailed instructions or tell me how it differs from the Profiles feature on the Curve? It does not seem to be nearly as customizable - especially when it comes to "exceptions". Thank you for any help you can give me.
    07-23-11 12:52 PM
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    In general, the profiles are as customizable as they are on the Curve. I'll try to write some instructions later today when I'm back at my desk. But you are right in that the notification profile exceptions are not as good as they were on the Curve. The Curve had a simple check-the-box method of applying an exception. Now, the exception is always on (ridiculous), unless one selects the "All Alerts Off" profile or goes into the exception (more steps) and resets the volume and other attributes each time he wants all contacts to ring on whichever is the in-use profile.
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    07-24-11 09:42 AM
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    1. Click the Profiles icon on the home screen
    2. Scroll down and click on "Change Sounds and Alerts"
    3. Scroll down and click on "Profile Management"
    4. Select the profile you would like to edit (can't edit "All Alerts Off")
    5. Choose which notification (phone, messages, instant messages, events, other applications) you want to modify (I picked an email account for this example.)
    6. Choose the notifier tone
    7. Choose the volume (1-10 or Silent)
    8. Choose the LED setting (On or Off)
    9. Set the vibration (Off, On, or Custom). If you choose Custom, you can set the Length of the vibration (Short, Medium, Long), the Count of the vibration(s) (1,2,3,5, or 10), and when to Vibrate (In holster, Out of holster, Always)

    That's it. Repeat for every single item you want to edit and every single profile you want to edit/customize/modify.
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    07-24-11 04:09 PM
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    This should help.

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    07-24-11 05:25 PM
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    Thank you very much. At least I know I am not crazy...I liked the check-the-box exception method. And I was beginning to suspect I would have to find a very roundabout way to make an exception - something to do with the customizable alerts, though I still haven't figured out how to apply them to specific contacts.
    Anyway, I really appreciate your help.
    07-26-11 08:59 AM