1. jeffrey4670's Avatar
    My 9780 is one month old now and I have noticed that the screen locks up and I have to do a battery pull, but it takes around an hour to re-boot. After the battery pull the screen stays blank and eventually it boots as normal. After re-boot the phone works normally. The phone has done this on two occasions to my knowledge. Is this a hardware problem? Would be grateful for any help. Thanks.
    09-11-11 01:39 AM
  2. odpm1977's Avatar
    Sounds to me more like you have too many applications installed, usually happens to me because I love testing new applications or when I'm creating a new theme I don't like using the simulator and my phone takes the memory overflow but after deleted all the junk, memory clean, log clean and a battery pull starts shinning like gold again
    09-11-11 01:54 AM
  3. jeffrey4670's Avatar
    Thanks for your response. I do not have any apps on my phone and never had. I removed BBM as I do not use it and do not have any games or IM apps on the phone. I have never used app world. Thanks
    09-11-11 01:59 AM
  4. odpm1977's Avatar
    ok so no BBM, no IM apps, no games...so what do you use your blackberry for, if i may ask?. just wanna get to the bottom of the problem
    09-11-11 02:43 AM
  5. jeffrey4670's Avatar
    Hi, Just use BB as a phone, texts @ email. I have an iPhone for Internet, IM and everything else. The phone part on the iPhone is not reliable for me. I have removed from the BB all apps that I could Inc BBM to save battery.
    09-11-11 02:57 AM
  6. cooljatt18's Avatar
    try reloading your OS that might help
    09-11-11 03:09 AM
  7. odpm1977's Avatar
    The easiest thing for me to do would be wipe your device (I use BBSAK) and install a new OS (or that's what I would do)
    PS. If you want to do this please remember to backup your phone before any new installation and always follow the required steps
    09-11-11 03:14 AM
  8. jeffrey4670's Avatar
    Thanks, will try that today. Will wipe and re-install OS6 and see if that helps. Thanks to all. Jeff
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    09-11-11 03:33 AM
  9. laurah2215's Avatar
    Sounds like a software (OS) problem for sure. A clean wipe and install of the OS should do the trick. Let us know how it goes.
    09-11-11 06:13 AM