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    I have a A T & T Blackberry Bold 9700 and it suddenly has stopped synching my Hotmail.com email account. I have very poor signal strength in my home so need to do this from my computer. I remember that there was a way to access/set-up/configure my Blackberry from my computer but I can not find the URL . Please let me know how to configure my email accounts on my Blackberry from my computer.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
    01-13-14 05:09 PM
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    I've done this before on the TMO webpage via computer.
    Having no idea how the AT&T webpage looks I'd check under accounts first.

    If I recall correctly TMO has/had a dedicated BB BIS page, not sure if your carrier does.
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    Setting up Emails from a computer.

    These steps will help you set up your Email using a computer, but first you will need to navigate to the BlackBerry BIS account page for your mobile network.Click the network logo that you're connected with, a new internet window will open.

    If you do not have an active;BIS account, you will need create one by clicking the 'Create New Account' button. If you do already have an active BIS account,;enter your Username and Password and press Login.

    If you create a new account, you will be presented with terms and conditions which you will need to accept before you can continue.
    You will now need to enter the PIN (Personal Information number)&for the handset, and the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number Both can be found on a small sticker on the back of the handset underneath the battery, or on the side of the box.
    Press Continue
    You will now need to choose a new Username and Password and press Next We recommend that you choose a strong password that cannot be easily guessed and includes a mixture of letters, numbers and punctuation.
    If your chosen username has already been taken by another BIS user, you can either choose a different username or pick one of the suggested ones on screen.
    Your BIS account is now set up and is ready to have Email addresses added. Enter your Email address and its associated Password Don't worry, this password won't be given out to anyone, and will be dotted out when you type it in.
    Your Email address will now be added to your BIS account, and after a minute or 2, you will see a new Email icon appear on your BlackBerry Smartphone home screen.; For each new Email account you add to your BIS account, a new Email folder will be added to your home screen.
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