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    I'm getting a bit desperate here, haven't been able to receive email on my blackberry for a month.

    Me and my girlfriend have a small web design business and for that we signed up to a reseller hosting package. We each have 2 email addresses on this hosting package and we also each have a gmail address.

    About a month ago our hosting got suspended because i paid the bill too late. The same day we got the suspend we also paid the bill and 5 minutes later we were connected and our site was back up. Unfortunately since this time we haven't been able to use emails associated with this hosting package on our blackberries.

    We contacted our host and they did some resets of the firewall and their BIS server but that did not resolve the problem. We contacted RIM and they told us to contact our mobile providers but the mobile providers told us to contact RIM again.

    Every time i try to enter my email information in the **.blackberry.com page i get a message that my password for that email address is incorrect. Ive tried changing the password and I've made several new email addresses that all come up as 'password incorrect'. if i use pop/webmail the password works.

    Unfortunately this is where we are stuck. Has anyone ever experiences a similar problem? a search online didn't help me. The only person that had a similar problem solved it by buying a new blackberry.

    Can anyone please help us?

    Some info:
    We both have a blackberry bold 9780. I'm using the dutch telco 'Kpn' and she's with the Singaporean 'Singtel'
    10-24-11 11:21 AM
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    did u try to re send the service books? thats what someone told me to do when my email wasn't working also if the email is a gmail account i would try just downloading the gmail app its nice for an app.
    10-24-11 02:43 PM
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    Thanks, but the problem is that our Gmail IS working but our business emails (the reason why we got the blackberries in the first place) aren't working. I'm scared its just one of those strange problems that you can only solve by getting a new blackberry.
    10-25-11 10:54 AM
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    Can you borrow someone else's Blackberry long enough to test? i.e. setup your email account, see if it works, then delete it. I'd even try walking into your phone carrier's shop and get them to try it for you. That would let you at least rule out the phone itself.
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    10-25-11 02:30 PM
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    Can you borrow someone else's Blackberry long enough to test? i.e. setup your email account, see if it works, then delete it. I'd even try walking into your phone carrier's shop and get them to try it for you. That would let you at least rule out the phone itself.
    Unfortunately i don't know anyone else with a Blackberry and the store is very far away from my house.

    If someone here could try it it would be awesome. I made a test email on the same host that also gives an instant 'password incorrect' message. My thoughts are that RIM blacklisted the host somehow but i wouldn't know for sure.

    the email is namecheaptest@onestopcontent.net and the password namecheap123

    (my host is named namecheap)
    10-26-11 02:37 PM
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    okay will try those details for you. WIll be back in a moment with an answer.
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    10-26-11 02:43 PM
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    I get the "invalid email address or password" error.

    Have you tried setting the account up using POP on a PC? (I am about to try that, but will have to guess that your mail servers are mail.onestopcontent.net ) [Edit: Ah - I do see that you have also confirmed this is working on your PC]

    You may want to delete that password from your original post once the tests are over.
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    10-26-11 02:46 PM
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    okay - just did a POP3 login from a PC and that works fine.

    My Blackberry phone is not working with the exact same details.

    This does imply to me that it is a RIM issue as it happens on three different carriers. There is nothing wrong with your POP mailbox as setup by your hosts.

    In that POP mailbox were emails from Blackberry. one from your carrier (kpn.blackberry.com) , and one from my carrier (blackberry.orange.co.uk)

    The content of that email is as follows:

    Your attempt to configure the BlackBerry Internet Service to deliver mail to your BlackBerry device from this email account was unsuccessful. This email provides instructions to help with the email account set up.

    You submitted the following information:
    Account Type:

    Email Address:

    User Name:

    ****** (For security the password is not displayed.)

    Mail Server:

    Please confirm the information. Refer to the instructions below for help in determining the correct information. After confirming the information, log in to the BlackBerry Internet Service site and try again.

    POP & IMAP Accounts
    Internet Service Provider email accounts are commonly either POP or IMAP accounts. You need the following information:
    Note: You can find out this information from either your desktop email application or your Internet Service Provider:
    Email Address:Your email address
    for example, user@ISPname.com
    Server: The name of the Mail Server
    for example, mail.ISPname.com
    User Name: The portion of the email address before the "@" symbol
    for example, patrickmoser in the address patrickmoser@ISPname.com
    Password: The password for your account

    If you are still having difficulties adding your email account, visit the online help on the BlackBerry Internet Service site.

    Thank you.
    Note - when I setup this PC to connect via POP, I used the exact same defaults as when I setup the blackberry manually. This is exactly like is described at the top of this message.

    So - you are correct. Something very weird is going on here. And it looks more like a RIM issue.
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    10-26-11 02:54 PM
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    I would tend to give RIM those same test details and ask them to try them out.

    The only other thought is - could Email Hosts being doing something daft like blocking RIM from accessing their servers? This would also explain a failed login from all three of the tested Blackberry phones. It may be worth asking your email hosts if any of their other clients use Blackberry phones.
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    10-26-11 03:00 PM
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    Wow thank you so much for testing that, that really helps a lot.

    The first people i did contact was my email host provider.

    They tested some things with me, disabled the firewall or something and did an suspend/unsuspend and checked if the IP of my blackberry was listed somehow.
    The last thing they told me was to contact RIM.

    Contacted RIM gave them the test email info and they said 'we can't help you you must contact your provider'

    Well i never thought it was my provider and i guess this kinda proves it.

    Will start the help desk cycle again tomorrow! thanks a lot and i will post back what happened
    10-26-11 06:19 PM
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    One of the things to point out to the help desk people is that you have three phones on three different carriers in multiple countries with the same error.

    This shows that it cannot be a carrier issue. It also eliminates the phone handsets - both hardware and OS versions.

    The email replies on the Blackberry show that they fields are being filled in correctly without typos, and it is the same data as use on a PC.

    If you phone your hosts, then they can test by locating another blackberry in their building and configuring it. Or even they could test by letting you have details of a different domain name they host. (If they are blocking RIM, it logically would cause problems for all of their clients)

    Good Luck
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    10-27-11 04:12 AM
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    The problem has been solved. I contacted my host again with the new info i got thanks to Batter Pudding and within a couple of hours i got an email back saying.

    Dear Tim,

    We would like to tell you that some IP addresses form IP address ranges that belong to BlackBerry have been firewalled. We have removed blocks. Please try to set up email account with BlackBerry one more time.

    Please feel free to contact us again in case of any questions or troubles.
    And it instantly worked. Obviously i'm mad that it took them this long to find this out and they kept passing me off to RIM/ my provider. But it works and that's really good.
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    10-27-11 01:31 PM
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    Excellent. Great to hear we got a solution. You can tell your Email Hosts that I'll send them an invoice for my services. Payable in Beer and Chocolate.

    I hope you blagged a few months free hosting for your time wasted on this.

    I have been working with email since 1986... so have kind of got used to its oddities. Especially as I used to write email clients in C++. (And still have been known to send email via Telnet when feeling especially geeky...)

    (Oh - and don't forget to edit your post with the username and password in it. Or at least make sure you delete that POP account from your hosting otherwise some spammer will be using it)
    10-27-11 01:40 PM