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    Good evening.
    i need help with my blackberry bold 9000.
    about a week ago i stopped receiving emails, pins, bbmsn pins and the internet browser will not work, only the WAP browser. i could send bbmsn and pin but i could not recieve anything. when i was on wifi everything was working just fine, bbmsn and pins, emails, everything would work just fine.

    so i thought i was a problem with the service books so i sent the service books and nothing, registered in the host routing table and nothing, then i thought it was a software issue.

    i did a wipe with JL cmder then installed the all new version on my bold. the browser would work just fine tough i couldnt find the email setup icon so i could setup my account and send the service books so everything would work. both internet and wap browsers were working ok, i was able to send pins but not to recieve them, and was able to send bbmsn but not able to recieve them. i send back the service books through the website and it said the books were sent succesfully but i never received them on the handheld.
    then i thought maybe a software so new woudlnt help me a lot so did a wipe again and installed v4.6.0.282. same issues, couldnt find the email setup icon, can send but not recieve, and it doesnt connect to the WIFI, i mean it says its connected but the little wifi display on the homescreen does not shine so i know theres no wifi internet. dont know what to do guys!! pleasee heeelp mee!
    PD: i have EDGE and i can fully browse the web and the carrier says there is no problems with the line.
    help me out please
    08-13-09 11:33 PM