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    Hi guys I'm currently travelling through europe and using the free wifi hotspots along the way and it looks like I may have picked up a virus. Basically what I have found is on my browser when I used to type on the main browser screen it would search google. Now it does not it just thinks I'm typing in a webpage. Secondly I have extra book marks which I have not add and they seem to be dodgy websites I haven't clicked on any yet. I have tried deleting them but when I press the blackberry button there is no option to delete them. Also on a couple of occasions I have typed in a web address and have had pop ups from these dodgy websites.m

    Has anyone else experianced this? And also how can I delete these bookmarks?

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    08-15-11 01:26 PM
  2. diegonei's Avatar
    Well, I don't have any malware on mine and I also can't just highlight/delete bookmarks from the browser's start page. Menu > Bookmarks > select bookmark > Menu > Delete.

    The popups... Good change you'll probably need to wipe your device... Try to find starnge apps. Options > Device > Application Managment.
    08-16-11 11:29 AM