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    While �troubleshooting� my 9930 for a BIS outage (see the �Outages� forum for details), I may have discovered a solution to an old Blackberry �bug� that dates back at least to the 8703e. I used to lose message section icons from my device home screen, which make it impossible to read messages on some accounts (if you�re receiving a few hundred per day). This happened again when I deleted and reconfigured several email accounts on my 9930, and again RIM had no solution and definitely no clue.

    While recovering my email accounts, I checked to see if my phone log was intact and tried to enter some call notes (which is only possible from the �Messages� shortcut). But the Messages section becomes a virtual garbage dump when it�s got a few thousand items and you only need to access a fraction of that number. I un-checked the message account sections to only look at the phone call records, and discovered that all the missing email account shortcuts instantly came back. This is great news, since with nine email accounts on this device, missing account icons make it very difficult to navigate.

    Note that the ability to deselect message account sections from the Messages section is relatively new (we didn�t have it on the 8703e). If you lose your email account icons, try this and you might save yourself some time to fix it.
    09-11-13 08:56 AM
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    Thanks for the heads up.
    09-13-13 12:53 AM

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