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    Hey everyone,

    I have a seriously stupid & ridiculous problem on my hands.

    First off, here's some beginning information.
    I have a BB 9780, & I got it in mid April, so it is still generally new.

    So, 5 days ago, (Saturday August 14), I had to go out for the night for a family issue that occupied my time all through the night. In a rush, I just left my phone at home on my desk in my office seeing as how I wouldn't need it after 1am in the morning. Now, I have to stress, that my phone was left on my desk, COMPLETELY untouched.

    So I came back at about 6am, went up to my office, picked up my phone & checked my messages. I read them, checked my Facebook, then plugged in my phone and went to bed. So, nothing was wrong with my phone. Perfectly fine, mint condition.

    I woke up around 12pm and went to go wash my face, shower, etc. etc.
    I got back to my room & picked up and turned on my phone. Only, to my surprise, the screen went white.
    Puzzled, I took out the battery, blew on it, waited a few minutes, and put it back in.
    The problem persisted.
    So, I took out the battery, and let it sit in my kitchen for an hour.
    I came back and put the battery back in, and the screen was STILL white.

    Now, the wierd thing is, the blackberry is fully functional, yet just the screen doesn't work.

    So, 2 days ago, on the Wednesday, I was looking at my phone (Which to my surprise, still had battery life ) and I was clicking the lock button. I locked it, and the screen went black, then i clicked the button again, and the phone came on again, totally functional.

    I immediately started looking at the 10s of texts & BBM's I had received in the last few days. Sadly, after about 30 seconds, the screen froze, and the phone was returned back to its useless "white screen" state.

    So, I went to rogers and they said that I had an internal screen crack.

    This is literally impossible as I came back the Sunday morning, and my phone was FULLY FUNCTIONAL. I plugged it in, as I do every night, and about 6 hours later, the screen supposedly "cracked".

    Can someone give me advice on what to do here? I NEVER drop my phone.
    I've dropped it literally 2 times, and the phone fell safely onto carpeting. Not to mention it has an OTTER BOX on it, so theres no WAY it could have cracked from dropping it 9 inches onto carpetting, in an otter box.

    So yeah, that's my ridiculous problem. Any ideas?
    08-19-11 05:19 PM
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    Hey there,
    I seen this problem loooooooooong time ago somewhere in the RIM or CB forum, but i must say it could be two things here:
    1.You display got a bit of chip in it and every one knows electronics are super sensitive and it doesn't have to be instant and could be in time, it only takes a wrong move and the wire band from display to move from his small "jack" and that could cause the whitening of the screen.(doesn't matter if it onto carpet or on his box it still can happen)
    2. Lets hope is a bug on the OS or something got wrong on to the OS, and my suggestion it is BACK UP YOUR DEVICE !! , and then reinstall your new OS >>LINK<< after you install the new OS and the problem persist im so sorry to tell you but you will be with out a phone for one week if you get lucky, or you can buy this new BOLD 9900/9930 RIM relies not long a go.
    3. HEre is How to install your NEW OS
    101 How to install OS6 or OS7
    Good luck, Reply back if u fix it or not.
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    08-19-11 06:00 PM
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    UnknownError507 gave you very good advice. Problem is I personally think it is the 1st scenario, a hardware issue.

    If you still got warranty on it, take it to be fixed, if you don't, watch these closely and try to fix it yourself.

    Good luck!
    08-19-11 09:03 PM
  4. greggebhardt's Avatar
    It happens. Sometimes the OS can get corrupted and BEFORE you return it, try upgrading to a new OS and see if it happens again. DO you have any installed 3rd party software installed?

    If it is working now, I would do a selective back up.
    08-20-11 07:02 AM