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    Hi CrackBerry community, this is may first post here but i am a frecuent reader of yours, you guys made an amazing job sharing all this information and experiences.

    I have a BlackBerry Bold from T-mobile Germany | vendor id 114 and i remember that in mobile network options i had the hability to choose in network mode between 2G - 3G & 2G - and 3G only, i used to force it to stay in 3G only when i needed to tether it to my laptop because using 3G & 2G option it constantly keep on EDGE when 3G avaliability and signal strength were good in that area so keeping it on 3G only i had blazing speeds ever.

    After an OS upgrade to 4.6.291 i have lost the hability to stay on 3G only, network mode only shows 2G and 3G & 2G modes so frustrating !!!!

    another problem comes when i tether my bold to the mac via bluetooth, the blackberry logoff from BIS while surfing on the mac.... the bb simbol simply dissapears or EDGE becomes edge.

    a simply solution is downgrade to my usual OS but i have no idea what OS version i was using before upgrade.

    what can i do to restore my bold to an OS that let me choose between network modes freely? do you know of an os version that let me do that ?

    thank you

    pd: excuse my poor english... i speak spanish
    08-22-09 04:26 PM