1. Ichigo's Avatar
    Hi guys,

    I need some help on my new bb Bold. It seems that I have a problem to receive a phone call, it's directly become a missed call(doesn't ring or anything). here is the description:
    -My bold is unlocked
    -I am using Tmobile as my carrier

    I have this problem when I was still using the original OS (.167) and I thought that would be the case. Now, I have upgraded to the newer OS (.266). I am facing the same problem. I have tried to have my friend called as soon as the .266 OS fully installed. I can receive the phone call. But now (2nd day), my friend called me and she could not reach me. it goes to my voice mail and leave a missed call in my screen. I am wondering what's going on.

    the scenario is as follow in chronological order:
    1.original OS(.167)
    2.failed to received a phone call, but can call people fine.
    3.OS updated to .266
    4.Tested-----> Receiving phone call with no problem, can make a call
    5.what I did after updating OS: I called my family for 1 hour, opening facebook app, BBM alot, MSN alot, try to open Buzz me application, try to connect the BOLD with my desktop tool.
    6.My friend made a call to me and she went straight to my voice mail and left a missed call in my phone.
    7. I still can make a call to any phone, Just not receive any call.

    Please help me guys on this. I have tried whatever I could possibly do to fix it.


    06-13-09 11:35 AM
  2. ST79's Avatar
    Call Log (Green Call Button) - Menu - Options - Call Forwarding - Make sure the Forward Unanswered Calls
    option is selected.

    Hope this helps !
    06-13-09 12:33 PM
  3. Ichigo's Avatar
    I have tried to do that.it seems that it does not resolve my problem..any other suggestion?
    06-13-09 12:50 PM
  4. Ichigo's Avatar
    For some reason I could not change the phone number in the call forwarding menu. also when I tried to choose the 1st option (Forward all calls) and save it, it wont stay at that option. When I open the call forwarding menu, it always choose the forward unanswered calls. Please help me on this.
    06-13-09 02:10 PM
  5. Ichigo's Avatar
    WOW! GOT IT FIGURE IT OUT! I called Tmobile and took them 2 hours try to figure this things out, but they failed. but nicely they connected me to the RIM manufacturer technical support. the technical support solved my problem in less than 15 seconds! the problem was I got my "Do not disturb" option at the profile set to "yes" thats why I could not receive any call.

    I am the biggest NooB.. hope this could help people with the same problem.


    06-13-09 03:54 PM