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    i ve got BlackBerry 9650 - Sprint from my friend which he used in America, i ve tried to unlock it but i ve didn\'t do much, i can use it in my home network in Serbia, Europe to talk, sand sms but i cant use BBM because it is locked only for BB Enterprise and i cant get any other mail to put in. Please sand me instructions what to do, if solution is to pay for unlock ill do it as soon as zyou confirm me, network is VIP Serbia.

    Thank you very much.
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    Welcome to the forums!

    TAKE THAT IMEI OFF THE POST!!!!!! Thanks Wolf!

    The IMEI is the most important info about the device. You DON'T post it online!

    So here are a few things you need to check/solve in order to use that phone:

    • Frequencies: Make sure the Tour2 and your carrier have the same radio frequencies or you won't be able to make calls/send SMS - unlocking the phone or not;
    • Unlock the phone: The 9650 is a CDMA World Phone. If unlocked it can use SOME GSM bands,in some places;
    • BBM demands BIS: BIS stands for BlackBerry Internet Service. To get that you need to contact your carrier and have them activete it on your account. There are no workarounds. BBM (and many other things) will not work on a generic data plan.

    You can get unlock codes for your device here on the shop.crackberry.com.

    As for the BES issue, let me dig up the solution. EDIT: Here it is:



    EDIT: I'm reading your post again and I think your device is probably not set for BES, but in fact just not getting BIS so not showing the right screen. Check this thread. Same issue.

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