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    Actually what you posted did not sound like you were sticking up for me, I even had my roommate just read it and he also thought you were making an insult towards me...especially the last sentence you wrote, so sorry but it could be taken either way.

    Also what is wrong my picture? Have you never seen a guy with a hot body with his shirt off before? Jealous? Guess who's gettin reported for posting what you just posted lmao...
    No, the problem with your argument is that you didn't read the post of the kid that I was QUOTING and in that retrospect REPLYING TO (aka for those who can't understand what happened (you) what I said was taken OUT OF CONTEXT, because I was indeed referring to the kid I quoted, NOT YOU). You actually just read what I said even though it WAS NOT EVEN GEARED TOWARDS YOU, THE LAST HELPFUL post was.

    And you are such a moron kid.. I go to the gym too, I am jacked as well, the problem with you is you just think that everyone is jealous, but in reality, this is not the place to try and brag about your muscles. This is a FORUM used to help people and discuss issues. AND THAT is what I use it for, I don't upload a half naked picture of myself on here because I want everyone on here to know I am jacked as well, because frankly, noone gives a sh*t, it just makes you look like a doucheb*g.

    And in regards to your second comment, I have a friend just like you, I actually go to the gym and work out with him, problem is that he is OBSESSED with his body, as are you. The reason everyone is going after your picture is not because they are JEALOUS, its because this is not the place to have a picture like that, maybe post it on a dating site or something, not "CrackBerry" Jack@ss. Seriously, grow up.. If you don't then you are going to realize that the world is going to treat you like the arrogant piece of sh*t that you are.

    That's all I have to say, and I'm sure that I am not alone as half of this thread doesn't seem to like you either.
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    Actually, I read ALL the posts and it still sounds like an insult to more than one person, perhaps you should have been a bit more clear by what you meant, don't blame me because you can't express yourself properly! Also I'm a psychology major and I can tell by the comment you made about your friend that you are definitely jealous, after all crackberry isn't the place to be discussing your muscled up friend, now is it?
    A: I edited and "rephrased" the post to say what I actually meant (intending that you would actually read the post I should have said this, but what I had in mind was ONLY intended for the person I quoted)

    Apparently the OP took offense to this so let me rephrase what I said even though it was directed to vsharm, the OP should not have given a crap about this comment.

    "He opened up this thread to see if others had the same problem as he does, and if there are any solutions to fixing it, if it is normal to have this issue, or if he should return it to get a new one. He was not looking for help in the aspect that you mentioned, implying that he made this thread to complain to us about what happened, he indeed made this thread to help him make a decision of what he should do with his faulty device. There is no need to tell him to get out of this thread and go to his local store to get it resolved, as what he is using this thread for is exactly what it is intended for."
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