1. pandaberryy's Avatar
    I'm going to lose my mind- there are soooo many cute pink housings for the 9700 but I can not find ANY for the 9650!

    This is the color/kind I wanted (so cute!): Housing cover For Blackberry 9700 9780 Bold Silver+Pink - eBay (item 310336993810 end time Sep-05-11 07:50:39 PDT)

    Wahh why can't I find one for the 9650- anyone ever find any?
    08-11-11 11:10 PM
  2. meistro's Avatar
    i looked and didnt see anything you could always send the phone to colorware if you could be without it while they take care of it for you, but i don't see anything on thier website that caters to a 9650. You might send them an email and see if they can do that for you.
    08-12-11 03:30 PM
  3. pandaberryy's Avatar
    i did send them an email and they said they can't and won't do it i'm pink-less - thanks though!
    08-13-11 12:39 AM