1. Neil9800's Avatar
    I have bought a 9900 over the weekend as second user. I have tried to set the phone up and most things are working, but I cannot send service books to the device.

    I am a customer of EE in the UK. The 9900 is from O2.

    When I reset the phone the first message it received was a welcome to O2. In the past the first message I have received has always been from my network.

    I have logged in to my BIS account online and clicked on switch device but it doesn't find the phone.

    Can anyone help with this please?

    Does the pin need releasing or something?

    Never had this issue before.

    From my Q5
    03-31-14 04:39 AM
  2. zocster's Avatar
    Hi there, if you have bought this second hand, more often than not, you do need to speak to your carrier that the pin is registered in their database instead of old owner carrier.
    03-31-14 09:34 AM
  3. iamq's Avatar

    I swapped an old contract o2 phone/chip to a EE/T-mobile chip (new contract) today without any issues with the service books.

    Check your host routing table and see if there any any details in there - then try 'register' from within that menu and see what happens.

    Its rare you have to talk to a carrier to 'release' a device - I've never ever had to do it and we have lots of devices : )
    04-02-14 02:57 PM

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