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    Cousin purchased two Bold's yesterday one of them works perfectly fine, the other couldn't get any data services. Tried "Options>Advanced>Host Routing Table>Register". Received the "BlackBerry has been registered on the network" message. Called Rogers and all they said was "The PIN is not registered and he could not use internet and PIN to PIN (BlackBerry Messenger)) is there something she can do on the BlackBerry or should she just return the BlackBerry and get a new one?

    (If it helps, she had an old BlackBerry, went to rogers.blackberry.com and changed device from old BlackBerry to the Bold. Also does it matter what data plan she had with the old BlackBerry? I believe her data plan is the old one WITHOUT 3G)
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    11-01-08 02:34 PM
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    return the one that has not been registered. It will be a huge hassle to register it.
    11-01-08 03:14 PM
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    I also bought one a Bold from Rogers a month ago and got it unlocked. Til this day, I am having trouble using all the BB features because of PIN issues. For some reason my PIN can't be registered because it cannot be found. I am awaiting on RIM to see what is wrong with the phone. Its really alot of hassle so its better off if you return it.
    11-01-08 03:51 PM