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    Hi. I have a problem with my phonebook settings. I've got OS6 if that would help. In my advance settings under defaults my phonebook is set to unknown. I want it to be set as default because some of my apps like facebook or whatsapp for example does not recognize the numbers. I tried changing it to default in my settings then saved but when going back into settings it still shows as unknown. Some how it stays or switches back to unknown. Am I perhaps missing something or does it has to be changed some where else before it will have an effect in the defaults list? When creating a new contact I select default and when I save it it shows that its in unknown. Can anyone help me with this please?


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    08-13-11 03:15 PM
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    I haven't come across this issue at all. Did you have OS 5 on it before OS 6? Did everything work on it with OS 5? Did you update it with desktop manager or apploader? If everything worked fine with OS 5, then OS 6 was the mistake that broke that option.

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    08-13-11 06:39 PM