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    this has been pissing me off forever. my 9650 charges perfectly. however, when the battery is drained to the point where the battery icon is orange, my phone refuses to charge unless i plug it into my computer.

    my usb cable broke and now i dont have a phone until i buy a new one. buying a new battery will not help, ive bought 2 already. the usb port works just fine (like i said i always charge it and it works)

    so now, i plug my phone into my wall charger but since its at a low battery level, not only does it not charge but the battery just keeps on draining..

    thanks in advance

    sidenote: this has been a problem with my blackberry for months now and ive found a bunch of threads on this problem yet no one EVER has an answer for this? its a pretty common issue appereantly.. (Phone won't charge - BlackBerry Forums at CrackBerry.com)
    07-20-11 11:59 PM
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    Why not invest in a new block style charger and a spare cord for it? The charger cord is partly FUBAR, and since you're charging using USB, wouldn't a new charger be a logical investment? You can get one for about $4 and a spare USB cable for about $1.25

    I caught a deal and ordered 3 USB block chargers with cables, 3 spare BlackBerry OEM cables, and 2 mini-to-microUSB adapters for $19, which is lower than a single aftermarket charger from Best Buy.

    And since I damage cables easily, spares are a cheap investment. And of course, I do find better deals when Iook for someone else.

    Amazon:microUSB chargers

    Another idea is get a charging dock for it.

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    07-21-11 12:56 AM
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    I thought I had a problem with my phone not charging when I plugged it into the car charger or the wall charger when it got down into the orange range, but it seemed to charge okay on the charging pod. I later discovered that it was actually charging, but it just wasn't registering on the battery indicator, either the native phone battery indicator or the Meterberry battery indicator. I discovered this because I pulled the battery after it had been on the charger for a period of time and should have been charged but the percentage had not changed, and when the phone reset, the indicator showed that it had been charging and the percentage had gone up quite a bit.

    I am wondering if this is the case with you as well. I haven't figured out how to get the indicator to change when plugged into the wall or the car charger or even why it doesn't register the change, but it is reassuring to me to know that it is actually charging when plugged in that way even if it doesn't show.
    07-21-11 08:10 AM
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    I realized that once the battery is very low, it takes a while to charge up to a useable level. Even with a wall charger. The first 10% or so take forever, than it goes very fast. On a usb, it takes even longer
    07-21-11 08:50 AM